How ROV helps yachtsmen


You have your own yacht. Sailing a yacht is certainly a real pleasure.

Did you know that the majority of incidents, occur when mooring or choosing an anchorage site? When sailing on the high seas, there are usually no so many dangers. But when mooring, there is a danger of hitting somewhere with a side or bottom or running into a sunken object. It’s one thing if you are mooring in a well-known place, and it’s another thing to dock in unknown anchorages. The selection of anchorage is crucial for a restful night’s sleep. But not all bays allow you to anchor without much thought and preparation.

The holding force of the anchor depends on the type of soil. Good soils are viscous: silt, sandy silt, clay, clayey silt.
The middle ones include loose soils: sand, shell, pebbles, rubble.
Rocky soils are considered bad: slab, boulders, rocks.
The reliability of anchorage also depends on the topography of the seabed. A flat horizontal bed is good. Or a bed that has a slopping rise to the shore or navigational hazard.

If earlier you were forced to moor almost blindly, today in this situation a compact ROV can provide excellent support, it will show the condition of the bottom of the marina or exactly this anchorage.

ROVs allow you to explore the bottom of the anchorage and in case of a snag, prepare for it and protect yourself and your yacht. You lower the drone into the water and then send it in any direction, down or up as you want. The drone has a camera, and it will allow you to quickly inspect the bottom and prepare for a thorough mooring.

For yachts, we recommend using small-sized ROVs. For example, such as ROV-50D or ROV-100D. These robots do not require a professional operator, they are compact and lightweight, so they can be kept on board to inspect the bottom of marinas when mooring.

You will have the opportunity to see the underwater world and its underwater inhabitants. Take an interesting underwater photo and video. Or maybe find something at the bottom of the sea.


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