Inspection of the ships using ROV


ROV is a good decision for detailed research underwater. Our remote-controlled ROV allow you to take overview of repair, inspection, and other complex work underwater, including help in the preparation of ships.

Every ship requires regular inspections. For example, surface surveys may be organized daily, depending on the frequency of the ship’s out to sea. Usually, ships are inspected deeply once every three months, checking all parts. Once a month – pay attention the main elements of the ship. Weekly to test man equipment and points. And in case of continuous sailing, you should regularly (I could say – daily) make a surface inspection.

Before, this type of inspection of the ship required a team of divers. Divers went down into the water and manually inspected all the most important elements. Just imagine what it was like to go down into the water every day and study the board, especially if the weather conditions were not good to it. After all, it is required to inspect ships in the cold season, which makes additional difficulties for people.

Thanks to the ROV, the situation has improved significantly. The underwater robot is controlled remotely from the ship. The technician has the ability to send the ROV anywhere he wants. Our drone makes video recording, and one robot can have several cameras from all sides at once. Video in real time is transmitted to the monitor and the operator has the opportunity to review in detail the surface of the ship, platforms, bulkheads and everything else that may require attention. The video recording can also be watched later or sent to other specialists.

What are the most used underwater ROVs for shipboard inspection?

The most budgetary options are small robots. As example our models: ROV-50, ROV-100 and ROV-150. They are lightweight and do not require special taps to launch into the water. It can be controlled by just one operator. The main task of the robot is to transfer the picture to the operator’s monitor, it allows inspecting all the main elements under water without divers, checking the surface and tightness of the joints and more…

The second type of underwater drones are professional ROVs and have a set of useful tools. Such robots can be equipped with various sensors that help to make a detailed inspection of the surface, as well as detect leaks and defects thanks to special installed equipment. Also, all drones make a video recording for follow review. We recommended to use ROV-300D, ROV-600 or Mirage.

So, our ROV is a universal robot not only for surface inspection, but also for detailed checking, you can do regularly and without the need to involve a whole group of divers.

ROVs save time and make technical inspections as an easy task.

Inspection of the ships using ROV


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