Drowned people searching and ROV RB-100. Feedback from a volunteer group.


The diving group “Dobrotvorets” is the first unique volunteer community that searches for missing people on the water throughout the Russian Federation. The diving group “Dobrotvorets” was created by professional divers, rescuers, diving instructors, navigators.

We received feedback from them on our underwater search robot ROV RB-100.

We recently got a very interesting underwater robot ROVBUILDER RB-100. The main field for it is the work of inspection, rescue, search work, as well as assistance to diving and other tasks.

I would like to describe the first feeling from using ROVBUILDER RB-100. The robot is well made. High-quality assembly and an abundance of parts made of durable metal.

A convenient large monitor is mounted in a plastic case, a 100-meter cable reel is made to last (does not creak, reeling is easy and smooth).

I would like to talk about the remote control separately. The idea to use a joystick-like SONY PS game console is very cool. The control is interesting and easy, even an entry-level gamer can handle it.

For us, the purpose of using this underwater robot is quite serious.

RB-100D can dive up to 100 meters deep. It is equipped with a modern camera for photo and video recording in water with high resolution in 4K. The camera tilt is +/- 90 degrees. It is also equipped with lights with power adjustment.

Video from the camera to the operator’s console is transmitted without delay and has excellent quality. Photos and videos are recorded and stored on a computer in the ground unit.

Unlike its Chinese counterparts, this underwater drone does not have a battery and is powered by the mains (220 volts).

Some will say that this is a disadvantage. But no, that’s an advantage. We know from personal experience how quickly batteries drain at sub-zero temperatures and in cold water, and their average charge is enough for less than 1 hour, then we run to recharge.

ROVBUILDER RB-100, connected to the generator, is limited only by the amount of gasoline in the generator, and this makes it possible to use it for hours without stopping.

We hope that this ROV will be useful in the search activities of the Diving Group “Dobrotvorets”.