Aquaculture or fishers

Underwater drones from BalticROV are one of the best choices to control and inspect your fish farm.

For successful work, you need to constantly monitor the situation of your farm – your fish and nets. The high quality mobile underwater camera installed on our robot will enable you to perform underwater inspections efficiently and easily.

Performing checks such as:

All of these and many other tasks can be easily accomplished without the involvement of a commercial dive crew, and significantly reducing your costs.

Ship and Propeller Inspection

Our underwater drones reduce costs and time when inspecting ships or propellers. Just put the robot under water and use the camera to check the surfaces of the ship.

Port and marinas inspection

Don’t put the diver at risk during port inspection, it is easier and safer to use the ROV for surface inspection and other maritime safety work.

Use ROV to locate suspicious objects, doing pile dock inspections and other offshore surveys.

Search and rescue

We provide a safe, efficient and portable solution for a variety of underwater search and rescue operations.

Our underwater robots are used by both search teams and the police and fire brigades. Since one of the main advantages of using such a technique is to improve the safety of divers.

The use of ROV significantly reduces the time for search and rescue operations, makes it possible to observe the object for an unlimited time and at the same time perform the most detailed inspection.


Our ROV are used to inspect underwater parts of oil rigs, oil platforms, pipelines, and other offshore infrastructures.

With the ROV, you will have easier access to underwater inspection points, and you will be able to make better decisions about the next service.