Your old ROV can be as good as new!


What should you do if your ROV is out of date and cannot perform new tasks?

Just upgrade it!

You will get new software with new features, with possibilities add new payloads (tools, sonars, cameras etc.).
And the work will become easier.

We got our used ROV RB-300D back to make the upgrade.
Of course, our development does not stop, and we constantly introduce new options, and then offer them to our customers.

So this time, not only the software was updated for the client, but also an additional 3rd camera was installed on adjustable support on top of the ROV. This provides additional convenience during inspections. An additional camera allows you to expand the inspection area, and reduce the time spent on inspection.
Switching between cameras is fast, with just one button. Video recording does not stop.

Third update:
While shooting a video, the client got the opportunity not only to make text notes during the shooting but also to make voice notes, commenting on what he saw underwater.