Dual-frequency multibeam imaging sonar Tritech Gemini 1200ik on ROV RB-600D


Multibeam sonar has two operating frequencies with the ability to switch between low and high frequencies depending on the user’s requirements. The 720 kHz frequency is designed for long-range target identification and obstacle avoidance, while the 1200 kHz frequency provides extremely detailed images, ideal for close inspection.

With a 120° horizontal field of view at both frequencies and a range of up to 120 m, with refresh rates ranging from 5 to 65Hz, the Gemini 1200ik provides real-time imaging. In addition, its compact size and weight make it suitable for use on ROVs.

The presence of two antennas gives a double view. By changing the tilt of the antenna, it is possible to achieve both a wider field of view and a higher resolution density, for example, for surveying quays, seabed, and other underwater constructions.

Due to the fact that the sonar is mounted on the same turntable as the camera, the operator has the ability to screen the image from the sonar and the camera, as well as tilt or raise the sonar for a better view and research.

Our specialists have adapted the software from the Tritech, and you have the opportunity to see both videos from the front and rear cameras and from the sonar at the same time, as well as switch to video only from cameras or only from sonar.