Rovbuilder ROV RB-150D and water quality research.


Water is the basis for our life. We are constantly in contact with water – we drink, we use it in cooking, we wash, we water the plants.

Therefore, the quality of the water is so important. Even a relatively small amount of harmful impurities can cause great damage to health if contact with toxins occurs on a regular basis.

To be sure of the quality of water, it is necessary to make its expertise. For correct analytical investigates of water quality, it is necessary to take water samples from different depths and places.

At the request of our client, we equipped the underwater robot ROV RB-150D with a bathometer and a device for measuring the electrical conductivity of water.

The bathometer is designed to obtain water samples from different depths of the reservoir. Using an underwater robot for these works, the client had the opportunity to take samples from places where the people would not be able to reach.

As you can see, the design itself is very simple. We have installed a special vessel cylinder, which is equipped with special valves to hermetically close the device underwater at a certain depth. The valve is necessary to prevent water samples from a given depth with water from other depths when the ROV is being lifted.

At the same time, the client could fix the water temperature at the point of water intake.

Also, to assess the quality of water, we installed a device (conductometer) to measure the specific electrical conductivity of water. Measuring electrical conductivity is a fairly simple and at the same time effective way to control water quality. Purified water, tap water, NaCl solutions, and seawater of the same temperature have different electrical conductivity.

Purpose of the water conductivity sensor:

  • Monitoring of formation water inflow in wells
  • Assessment of water quality
  • Analysis of soil characteristics (soil salinity)