ROV RB-660D in competitions


Our team participated in the competition in marine robotics with our new robot ROV RB-660D. It is a new digital robot with 4 vector-mounted horizontal thrusters of 5 kg each and 2 vertical ones (here is a more detailed description of this ROV).

There were several stages in the competition program:
– place the server layout on the launchpad
– hook on a lifting ball to the server layout
– pump the balloon underwater with air so that it lifts the server layout to the top
– pick up the rings and hang them on the underwater structure
– swim through pipes with a load

First, our pilot had to dive with the server layout through the barrier (two kilograms of lead). And place it on the middle of the launchpad.
Then, lift the server up using a lifting balloon filled with air. Our pilots have already practiced this operation. To do this our operator hooked a lifting ball to the server model. Then, bring an air hose and place it under the balloon and quickly inflate the balloon. Several movements of the pump and the ball acquires the necessary lifting force, rushed to the surface.
The model was towed to the side of the pool. The judge stopped the stopwatch, the time allotted for the tasks, second per second, ended exactly when the operator touched the ROV. The server lift mission was completed.

Then, using a manipulator, the operator hung the rings on the underwater structure.

And the last step was to check the maneuverability. To do this, the operator must dive through various pipes, while not touching the walls of the pipes. Thanks to the vector-mounted thrusters, we went through this stage perfectly.


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