ROV RB-110SP. Inside of water pipe.


Video diagnostics of water pipelines by floating drone RB-110SP

The pipelines are located underground or even underwater. Despite their large diameter and the presence of technical hatches, they have slopes and turns. Therefore, it is difficult to visually inspect the inside of the pipes without disassembling them.

Using the ROV RB-110SP will enable you to diagnose the processes occurring inside pipes and wells. Thanks to robots, you will not only assess the inner surface of the pipeline, but also make the optimal and cost-effective solution for the repair, cleaning, or restoration of it.

RB-110SP is a new generation underwater drone designed for survey work in the coastal sea or inland waters. This robot is used to do different jobs at working depths of up to 50 m. It is equipped with rather powerful travel thrusters that allow it to pull up to 500 meters of cable.

The main advantage in its dimensions, the cross-section is only 200 x 200 mm. This allows it to be well used in the narrow tunnels, for inspection inside pipes from 300 mm in diameter and more. It can also be used in the open water.

Our equipment allows you to get a high-resolution color image, you will see it on the display screen, and do video record on the disk.

Video inspection of the inner surface of the pipe will allow you to quickly identify and localize for repair:
• Cracks,
• Breaks,
• displacement of joints,
• destruction or deformation,
• foreign objects,
• organic deposits on the walls, reducing the inner diameter.

System of ROV RB-110SP