ROV RB Mirage in action


Underwater ROVs are quite complex mechanisms. However, thanks to their perfect design, underwater drones could make complex technical tasks underwater.
The technique does not stand on one place and is constantly being improved. And our underwater robots are getting better. We continuously improve it, increasing its reliability and usability. The best test for a mechanism is to test these drones in operation, precisely in the same conditions it will work in the future. That is why we brought our new Mirages to the sea. Must be tested at sea our new, more powerful thrusters. Brushless thrusters are made on dry magnetic couplings and have excellent thrust in both directions. Due to its vector arrangement, our ROV moves easily with a lag and is most stable when working on currents.
We also need to test new software. Installed additional sensors. And our ROV gained the ability to additionally stabilize the position and hold both course and depth. This, of course, makes the work of our clients easier.
ROV RB Mirage 1000 is a professional underwater drone. It can be applied at depths of up to a kilometer with an average current of 2 m / s. This ROV can move away from the base for long distances (for example, a kilometer or more). The tested robot has excellent performance, important functions for underwater research and work. It is equipped with front and rear cameras, all-round sonar, front and rear lighting, laser pointers. Easy to operate.
The tests were successful. And it pleases. And there are new launches and new robots ahead.


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