Spearfishing with underwater drone ROV RB-150D


Fishing has a place for new technologies – echo sounders, sonars, underwater video cameras, lasers and searchlights have been added to the traditional attributes of fishing. Modern underwater drones have combined all these devices in one compact body.

The underwater world attracts to itself. It is interesting to look deeper and deeper. A wonderful world is hidden under the water, and most often inaccessible to our eyes. Using the ROV, you could find interesting objects underwater. And explore the seabed for future spearfishing.

Where do spearfishing begin? From the survey of the hunting place. Launch your ROV into the water and in maximum an hour you get a good overview what and where to look and what to hunt. Also, you will find out if there are fish in this area and what kind.

And if there is a big and very shy fish, which is difficult for a scuba diver to get close to, then our underwater drone will come to help you. Fishes are not afraid of him. It is small and dangerous for them.

For such a spearfishing, we equipped our underwater drone ROV-150D with a pneumatic harpoon. This drone is designed to be launched not only in freshwater but also at sea. FullHD camera is used. It can shoot video in 1080p and take photos with a picture resolution of 1920×1080. However, its quality depends on two factors – the purity of the water and strong waves. The high-resolution camera allows you to see well underwater and in case you are hunting at night or at great depths, you can turn on the lighting. Installed laser pointers help not only estimate the size of the fish, but also aim your harpoon at the target.

The most important thing when hunting is, of course, safety. We use in our system double blocking speargun. The first is mechanical, it blocks the possibility of a shot. The second – electronic, blocks the supply of impulse to the trigger. Remember! If you want to hunt safely, choose a model with a high safety and good lock. Often, hunters neglect this moment, and it brings troubles and even tragedies.

Spearfishing using underwater ROV will make your vacation unforgettable and bring many good experiences!


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