Service and upgrade of old ROV


Over the past 20 years, many of our ROVs have sold worldwide under the name Rovbuilder. Many satisfied customers buy new Rovbuilder ROV models from us again and again.

We have gone from small models with a diving depth of 50 meters to models that dive up to 1 km during this time. From simple analog models to complex roots equipped with a powerful computer and able of carrying a variety of payloads.

The history of this robot began a long time ago, this ROV RB-600A was sold several years ago and worked successfully, but due to new tasks, it came to us for a deep modernization. The task was to upgrade to a digital modern robot.

The external look of the robot has not changed much since the main supporting frame remains the same.

We have done full maintenance of mechanical parts worn out during this time.
The main changes affected the electronic boards inside the robot – we installed completely new ones, replaced its cameras with new ones, as well as the surface power supply unit. Now there is a new powerful computer that helps you process video from cameras and take videos and photos.

For comparison, this is how this old ROV looked like before:

This is after the upgrade of ROV

As you can see, the most significant change is what the operator now sees. This upgrade made the work of the ROV operator much easier.

The screen displays all the information necessary for the operator to work. Plus, the image from the second camera was added, and our software also allowed you to get the image from the sonar on the same monitor.

New remote controller, with new functions. Possibility of fine-tuning of cameras, thrusters, and sensors.

Each camera has the ability to display an image in both color and black and white mode.

In addition, thanks to the digitalization of the ROV, we will be able to regularly update the software online.

If you are interested in the opportunity to update your old ROV, contact us 


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