Underwater ROV from “ROVBUILDER” or Chinese drone? Part 2.


3. Thrusters.

What is the most used on Chinese drones?

The sellers of this product, as a rule, do not know about it at all. As a rule, these drones are equipped with brushless motors with a magnetic clutch mounted directly on the impeller. So, the power from the motor is transmitted directly to the external impeller with a magnet. It is convenient for mass production. Relatively safe in clean fresh water. But there are nuances: to transmit torque from the motor, the gap between the magnets must be minimal, so the protective film of the magnets is made as thin as possible.

Therefore, there is a large contact area of the magnets, and a small gap is required. As soon as sand or salt gets there, then, and works as an abrasive, the surfaces begin to wear out. Then microcracks appear, water gets into them – and as a result, the magnet instantly swells and jams the motor. The question is – how are Chinese manufacturers doing with the maintainability of their stamped products?

ROVBUILDER uses different thrusters: both collector and brushless ones. Manual assembly of each motor. But always with external magnetic couplings, end or radial (depends on the power of the thrusters).

Of course, there are all the same problems with sand and salt. But our thrusters can be disassembled in the field and repaired. You change the external magnetic coupling with expanded magnets (an inexpensive part) or replace the thruster completely. It takes 20–40 minutes with the use of the required spare parts and a minimum tool with minimum skills of a mechanic.
If algae, ropes, and other debris hit the propeller blades, the Chinese motor will jam and burn.

In ROVBUILDER motors, with a magnetic clutch, you don’t have to worry about this. The magnetic clutch does not block the rotation of the motor. Yes, the ROV does not move correctly, but the engine and electronics are unbroken. Freed the screw from algae and work on it….

4. Light.
All manufacturers use LED light.
Small Chinese drones usually have 2 lights built into the body. For a normal survey, it is not enough – and there are blind zones that appear below and above.
ROVBUILDER mounts a minimum of 4 lights on the outer brackets. There are no blind zones. The brackets can be bent as needed and the light can be set to suit you.
When using RGB light, the operator could adjust the color palette of the light even in muddy water.

5. Camera tilt.
As a standard for ROVBUILDER. Without this function, we do not produce our ROV – otherwise, it is no survey work. The angle of tilt is at least plus/minus 90 degrees.

6. Cameras
Chinese manufacturers are announcing everywhere that they have 4K resolution. It is quite possible when working with a very short cable, but at long distances (great depths), without using an optical cable, it is impossible. Only if you use high video compression and of course lose quality.

ROVBUILDER. Cameras on all robots are installed in 4K. But, as a rule, it works everywhere in FULL-HD mode. This is usually enough for our clients. When using a short cable, we can make also 4K. All cameras installed on the ROV have a possibility to switch in black-and-white mode and back in color, just press a button on the joystick. A special button on the joystick activates the video recording or photo (you can also take a photo when recording a video).

The video is recorded on the hard disk of the Intel NUC computer installed in the power and control unit. It is possible to download the video from its disk to any flash drive or view the captured video on the monitor. Here you can even quickly edit a video report for the customer. This computer runs on Linux.

7. Additional options.
Chinese companies offer a wide variety of additional options for their advanced models.
Rovbuilder. Any proposed option can be put on even the smallest RB-100 (if that makes sense, of course).

But the most important thing!

You can order the necessary options for your type of work and your tasks. Ask – what we didn’t put before, we will try to deliver.